The application of Touch for Health involves an activity called a 'balance', within which a series of gentle muscle tests are carried out in order to find and correct imbalances in the body. The benefits of having a balance include relief from pain, stress and anxiety, enhancement in general well-being, good health and self-esteem. A balance promotes self-healing and corrects imbalances of energy flow.

Touch for Health is a clear system of utilizing the postural and energetic balancing techniques of Applied Kinesiology in a holistic, non-diagnostic model of Wellness and health maintenance. Touch for Health empowers individuals to be productive in their own Wellness without replacing any branch of healthcare. 

The TFH approach is to become aware of even subtle symptoms that may affect the whole system. The focus is on balancing the whole system rather than trying to diagnose the cause of the symptom. What we think about, what we take into our hearts and minds and what we put into our bodies, affects the whole person. When something happens to one member of the family, it affects everyone else in the family - perhaps some more than others, but everyone is affected at some level. It is the same with the body. 

For example, if there is a tight muscle in the right hip from a corresponding weakness in the left hip, then that hip is favoured because of the tension restricting its motion. This puts a different strain on the foot, and with the foot in a different position, there will be strain on other sets of muscles. This is going to change one's overall posture and affect the positions of the internal organs. That in turn affects the communication and circulation to and among the organs, influencing their functions and changing the excretions and hormonal functions. The chemical and psychological balance of a person is changed, impacting everything from the individual cells to the overall mood of the person. As the body and mind are affected, the person thinks, feels and perceives differently, and consequently assumes a posture corresponding to those changes. This new posture may result in additional tension and imbalance among the muscles, which again affects the overall wellbeing. 

So, everything we do affects the whole. The TFH approach links certain muscles to certain organ systems - including the vascular and lymph systems - and with acupuncture meridians. When a particular muscle is balanced, it may benefit the related organ or system. It should be understood that the organ or system is not being treated directly, The muscle response is monitored as an indication of energy flow and balance. When there is enough flow of energy, the muscles and the posture return to balance, resulting in improved function of the whole system. Blood flow, lymph flow, organ function, hormonal balance, mood, posture and attitude are all affected because they are all intricately connected. Often symptoms or signs of disease are alleviated as part of the natural process of balancing the posture and energy.